Our Minister (or your own Minister) can conduct a funeral service in Currie Kirk. The service can follow or precede a burial or cremation. An undertaker will find out the Kirk’s availability and make the appropriate arrangements. We can also arrange a thanksgiving or memorial service. 


Do you have to be a member of the Church?

No.  The Church of Scotland operates a parish system, and our Ministry Team covers the Parish of Currie. 


What does it cost?


Donation to Church        £100.00

Fee to Church Officer     £60.00

Fee to Organist               £80.00


Total                                  £240.00


Optional Funeral Tea in the

Session House                  £100.00


We charge £240 to cover the use of the Church and provide for an Organist, and a Church Officer.  There is no charge for the Minister’s services. 


How do I make provision for my own death?

You can do this through your local undertaker who can provide a funeral plan for you.  You can also make requests in your Will.  It is helpful if you share your wishes with your family.


If you would like further information then contact us on 0131 451 5141 or by email at


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