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Q. Am I eligible to sign up for Gift Aid?

A. If you are a UK tax payer, yes.

Even if you are not employed, you are still eligible if you are paying tax on any of the following:

  • occupational or personal/stakeholder pension;

  • stocks and shares (dividends or capital gains);

  • bank or building society savings accounts; and

  • rental income.


Q. Do I need to be a full member of Currie Kirk?

A. No. Any taxpayer who wants to can sign a Gift Aid declaration in favour of Currie Kirk.


Q. Will I have to fill in a Gift Aid declaration each year or each time I make a donation?

A. No. A single Gift Aid declaration will cover any donation you make in the name of Currie Kirk now and in the future.


Q. Does it matter how much or how little I give?

A. No. There is no upper or lower limit to Gift Aid donations, but you must check that the total tax you pay is greater than the tax reclaimed on all your Gift Aid donations. We can reclaim the tax on any amount. Remember for every £1 you give we reclaim 25p from the taxman. At the end of each tax year the Offerings/Gift Aid Treasurer will send you a statement showing how much tax the Kirk has reclaimed on your donations.


Q. I've already completed a declaration for another charity. Do I need to complete another one for Currie Kirk?

A. Yes. You have to complete a separate form for each charity you want to benefit from Gift Aid.


Q. Will I have to give you details of my tax office?

A. No. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs do not need this. Once you have completed the declaration, there are no more forms to complete at this time.


Q. What if I stop paying tax or wish to alter the amount I give?

A. You can cancel this arrangement or change the amount at any time you choose, simply by telling the Offerings and Gift Aid Treasurer. You are not committing yourself to any future gifts by signing the form.


Q. Can I Gift Aid my CAF donation?

A. Donations made through the Charities Aid Foundation scheme are not eligible for Gift Aid, but it is still worth while filling out a Gift Aid declaration. That way, should you decide to make a non-CAF donation in the future, we’ll be able to claim back Gift Aid straightaway.


Q. What about Payroll Giving?

A. If your employer operates a Payroll Giving scheme, the amount you donate is deducted from your income before tax and remitted directly to the charity. These amounts are not eligible for Gift Aid.


Eunice Stewart

Offerings and Gift Aid Treasurer



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