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What Currie Kirk and the Church of Scotland can achieve is determined largely by what our members and adherents give of their time, talents and money. All are vital. This section deals with the last of these.

The Kirk’s income comes mainly from the congregation’s giving (offerings), further information the various methods in which this can be done can be seen here, together with details of the Gift Aid Scheme. Our income is augmented by rent paid by users of the Gibson Craig Halls and donations we receive for weddings and funerals.

The Bible teaches that we should be grateful to God for the gift of his Son and in return give of our own resources to assist with the spread of the Gospel. God asks us to share this gospel with others, offer them spiritual happiness, relieve suffering and improve physical wellbeing. So there are good reasons for giving to the Church.

We use Currie Kirk’s income in various ways. Roughly half goes to the Church of Scotland which uses it mainly to cover the cost of the Ministry throughout the Church. This allows needy parishes to have ministers where otherwise they could not afford them. It also pays for ministers and others, such as teachers and medical staff, in communities, schools and hospitals abroad, as well as the Church’s central administration through 121 George Street, Edinburgh. For more information click here.

The remainder of Currie Kirk’s income is still a significant amount; we use it for:

  • our own ancillary staff salaries;
  • maintenance of our church buildings and halls, and utility costs;
  • Kirk Development Fund (for necessary improvements to the church building)
  • stationery, telephone and other running costs;
  • support for church organisations and committees; and
  • support for local charities and good works.

​Over the years, Currie Kirk has also supported mission work beyond our local outreach and throughout the world and continues to do so by supporting various projects and global crises as they arise.




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