Contributions to the Church of Scotland

Church of Scotland logoEvery year each congregation has to make a Ministries and Mission Contribution.  The contribution is based on the average congregational income in the three years prior to the year of assessment. Each congregation’s contribution is used in the same way – usually 86% or so going to the Parish Ministries Fund and 14% to the Mission and Renewal Fund.


The Parish Ministries Fund is used to pay:


  • the stipends, employer’s National Insurance contributions, and Pension Fund contributions for Parish Ministers, Deacons, Youth Workers etc.
  • the salaries and related costs of deacons and others employed or appointed by the Ministries Council;

  • a contribution to the Housing and Loan Fund; and

  • the cost of recruitment, education, support and development of ministries.


The Mission and Renewal Fund complements income from invested funds to support:


  • Mission and Discipleship - developing and resourcing congregations in children’s ministry, youth work, adult education, elder training, outreach, and so on;

  • Social Care - caring services to people in need;

  • World Mission - encouraging an understanding of the world Church and developing partnerships with churches in some of the poorest parts of the world;

  • Church and Society - providing Christian comment on the social, moral, scientific, technological and political issues of today; and

  • Support Services - acts as an ‘umbrella’ for the Assembly Arrangements, central services, and so on.


Both the Parish Ministries Fund and the Mission and Renewal Fund help the Church of Scotland to share the gospel in communities throughout Scotland and in other parts of the world.


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